About us

Tuscany is right here...

Kadma is a family boutique winery, established in 2010. 

It is the only winery in Israel to use large clay casks in the wine producing process. Our winery revives old wine making techniques that were used in the region in ancient times by combining the ancient technology with modern knowledge.

The establishment of the winery was accompanied by a comprehensive research of sites around the world, collaborating with professor Amos Hadas (author of “Vine and wine in the archaeology of ancient Israel”) and advised by Dr. Arkadi Papikian, a top Israeli wine maker.

Our wines are fermented and Induced in large clay casks that were brought from Georgia, where the tradition of cask making was preserved for thousands of years by local craftsmen. Fermentation in clay casks grant the wine with unique aromas and flavors.

The winery is located in Kfar Uriah in the Judean foothills, an area well known for its great vineyards and wines for years and years. Archaeological diggings in the vicinity of the winery discovered remnants of settlements from the Byzantine, Roman and Hasmonean periods , as well as an ancient wine press.

Our Vineyards

Situated amongst agricultural fields, along route 44 in the old road to Jerusalem, our vineyard in Kfar Uriah is planted on the Southern bank of the Harel River and is nourished by it. Ancient wine presses can be found strewn across the hillside leading from the river to Kfar Uriah. These wine presses are dug into the bedrock and are evidence of a vibrant grape growing and wine making history in the area.

Our vineyard is situated 200 meters above sea level on deep clay loam soil on top of limestone rock and is known to exhibit stark differences in temperature between day and night during the growing season. Positioned at the bottom of the slope, cool air collects and moves through the vineyard during the winter months, providing much needed cold temperatures to the dormant vines.

Cultivars: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Syrah

Green Winery

In Kadma Winery We Believe That Everything We Do Has An Impact On The Environment. As a Family Owned Winery We Must Help Protect Our Environment by carrying out sustainable practices, both in the vineyard and in the winery

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